SolanoCountyRecovers: The official website for wildfire response and recovery.

Road Safety Awareness

Opened roadways may be clear but travel with caution due to increased levels of ongoing cleanup and repair activities. Be on high alert at all times and aware of the following:
• Speed limits are temporarily reduced to 25 mph and posted on orange signs
• Street lights may be non-operational
• Roadway striping may be absent so make sure you can see the edge of the road
• Be aware of low hanging power lines and wires
• Downed power poles and trees are lying on the shoulder of the road
• Non-functioning, burnt guard rails are marked by cones and barricades
• Be aware of active road crews from Solano County and PG&E
• Be cautious when approaching intersections due to high levels of cleanup and repair activities
• Site visibility may be limited due to brush piles, equipment and other obstructions

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