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Water Safety/Water Wells

Do not use contaminated water to make ice, brush your teeth or wash dishes. If you have a private well: There are number of things to keep in mind if you have had fire damage that compromised your well: When it is safe to do so you can check for: ✔ Damaged and melted or … Continued

Tree Hazards

 Burned trees may have lost stability and fall due to fire damage; visually check stability. Winds are normally responsible for toppling weakened trees. Wind patterns in your area may have changed due to loss of adjacent tree cover. Look for burns on the tree trunk. If the bark on the trunk has been burned off … Continued

Road Safety Awareness

Opened roadways may be clear but travel with caution due to increased levels of ongoing cleanup and repair activities. Be on high alert at all times and aware of the following: • Speed limits are temporarily reduced to 25 mph and posted on orange signs • Street lights may be non-operational • Roadway striping may … Continued

Personal Protection

It is important that you take measures to ensure your personal protection as you may be exposed to potential health risks from hazardous material, debris, and ash: • Wear protective glasses or goggles to protect your eyes • Use a two-strap, dust particulate mask with a nose clip such as N-95; or a protective face … Continued

Propane Tanks

• If you have a propane tank system, contact your propane supplier, turn off valves on the system, and leave valves closed until the supplier inspects your system. Tanks, brass and copper fittings and lines may have been damaged from the heat and be unsafe. If fire burned the tank, the pressure relief valve probably … Continued

Checking Food Items

• Do not rely on appearance or odor to determine if food will make you sick. Spoilage is often difficult, if not impossible, to detect. Never taste suspect meats, poultry, or other foods. If in doubt, throw it out! DISCARD the following foods if kept more than two (2) hours above 40° F: • Meats: … Continued

Ash Debris

• Ash is hazardous to your health. Watch for ash pits and mark them for safety. Ash pits are holes full of hot ashes, created by burned trees and stumps. Falling into ash pits or landing in them with your hands or feet can cause serious burns. Warn your family and neighbors to keep clear … Continued

Septic System

• A damaged septic system may lead to surfacing sewage or other discharges of wastewater and may create unsanitary conditions and attract flies or other vectors of disease. Check for any damage to the septic system, including damage to the electrical wiring to any pumps or control box – do NOT handle wiring that has … Continued

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